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My mom, dad, pup Thunder and yours truly packed our sunscreen, sunglasses, swimming suits and fishing poles and headed out for a day of 4th of July fun and sun.two of my biggest fears, spiders and tornadoes all balled into one. I had never been more scared and grossed out in my life. It’s nice to think back on holidays that were perfectly pleasant, but even more fun to remember those that were a bit soggy.

Play and Listen serial entrepreneur and futurist jerry kaplan visited googles office in kirkland wa on nov 4 2015 to discuss his book humans need not apply a guide to Jerry Kaplan: "Humans Need Not Apply" | Talks at Google Mp3Play and Listen i discuss the implications of automation of the workforce on a post collapse world who will lose their jobs in the near future how will robotics robots Automation, Major Job Loss, Economic Collapse, Humans Need not Apply and Prepping Mp3Play and Listen as researchers finally crack the code on artificial intelligence society stands on the cusp of unprecedented change including the latest advances in robotics Humans Need Not Apply: A Guide to Wealth and Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence Mp3Play and Listen the rest of us on patreon https wwwpatreoncom therestofus the rest of us on twitter http twittercom trouchannel the rest of us t shirts and more Automated Economy Explained: Mechanics of a Basic Income Mp3Play and Listen autor cgp grey traduccion y doblaje carlos m arias algunas propuestas al problema del desempleo tecnologico renta basica incondicional Humans Need Not Apply (Doblado) - No se necesitan humanos Mp3Play and Listen the fifth data science insights talk chaired by axel threlfall reuters editor at large took place at imperial college london and featured jerry kaplan stanford Data Science Insights: Humans need not apply (Highlights) Mp3Play and Listen the common wisdom about artificial intelligence is that we are building increasingly intelligent machines that will ultimately surpass human capabilities steal Jerry Kaplan: "Humans Need Not Apply" | Talks at Google Mp3Play and Listen jerry kaplan discussed his book humans need not apply at the creative destruction lab machine learning and market for intelligence conference toronto Jerry Kaplan: Humans Need Not Apply Mp3Play and Listen in an automated world will it be time to put humans out to pasture are we hurtling together towards a leisure time utopia or robot tended human zoos HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY at Science Gallery Dublin Mp3Play and Listen in the first data science insights event of the academic year 2015 16 the data science institute and thomson reuters welcomed jerry kaplan serial Data Science Insights: Humans need not apply Mp3Play and Listen cgpgrey https wwwyoutubecom watchv7pq s557xqu just hear me out and think about it if you go watch my new government vid you will see where i Humans need not apply: how the world could be after!

#Self Diagnosis § Study shows online medical self-diagnosis are correct only 34% of the time. § Online symptom checks can diagnose people with a common cold to cancer, which is resulting in additional symptoms such as anxiety in patients.

§ Doctors say that online diagnosis can be good as it shows how big a list could be of possible ailments, which would hopefully encourage people to see a doctor to narrow the list now.

I went to college in a small, Wisconsin town that got hit hard by weather extremes. Someone clearly didn’t need to be asked twice and was ready for the trip, tail wagging with even the mention of the words ‘car ride’. Sorry mom, but I warned you…) and I was just about to get my tan on when all of sudden, the biggest storm cloud I had ever seen decided to park straight above us and shower us with H2O.

In the fall, the summer winds would quickly cool and sharpen, ripping into your cheeks on your way home from class, leaving them red and finely shredded, almost as if you had applied blush with sandpaper. Get stranded on an island for three hours in the middle of a huge lake during an epic monsoon of a thunder/lightning storm and nearly freeze your arse off in the process? When we got to the lake, it was absolutely breath-taking. Although he did have a habbit of doggy-paddling my back every once in a while. We hunkered down for a bit, hoping that the clouds would soon pass on by but after a good twenty minutes of no change, we decided to move to a different part of the lake, hoping to catch a sunny, or at least rain-free, spot of sky.

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