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Montag becomes dismayed after learning that Pratt has begun a flirtatious relationship with a local bartender Stacie Hall.Under the impression that their relationship has been repaired, Montag provided Conrad with an invitation to the ceremony, though Conrad initially rejects the offer, feeling that her attendance would justify a relationship that she disapproved of.One source of suspicion arose when Conrad was shown to be moving out of her house the day prior to Montag and Pratt's nuptials.After leaving The Hills, Conrad appeared on The View in June 2009, where she was asked how she felt about her apology from Pratt involving the sex tape rumors.She continues to attend the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and work for Kelly Cutrone's PR firm People's Revolution.Audrina Patridge remains Conrad's close friend, and is employed by Epic Records.However, Conrad is friends with their sisters Holly Montag and Stephanie Pratt, through whom Montag attempts to revive their friendship.Brody Jenner, Frankie Delgado, and Doug Reinhardt are mutual friends with the majority of the cast.

During Part I, Montag and her boyfriend Spencer Pratt nearly ended their turbulent relationship before deciding to marry.

Cavallari herself was friends with Montag and Hall.

Patridge became Cavallari's nemesis after their feud began, while Brescia became Cavallari's brief love interest.

She replied, "To be perfectly honest, I wasn't on the other line of that call.

That was filmed and I wasn't on the other end, so I didn't know about it until, so, no, I never did get an apology. At Montag and Pratt's wedding, it was depicted on the series as if Conrad and Cavallari were displeased with each other's presence, though the latter commented that they gave each other "a big hug, and that's it".

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