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Think of all the high-fliers, entrepreneurs, and other busy people out there.

You could start one service for the super-rich end of the scale as well as one for other busy folks with less cash to splash.

Why it’s hot: Outsourcing and personal virtual assistants are hot topics right now.

A market-leading web concierge service could be big business.

Why it’s hot: Thousands of people have stacks of unused books, games and other items. (Or charge a flat fee for the software if you go the stand-alone app route.) The mini pitch: “The web’s reading list.” What it is: A community reading list for the web.

Feed readers are great, but they’re not very sociable, and adoption by non-tech heads is pretty poor.

Instead of paying for services, you simply swap your own. Post a “help wanted” ad, together with a list of your own skills and examples of your work.Provided you offer a way to mediate any disputes, and ensure that trades are fair and backed by guarantee, a skill trading site could be big business!Where the money is: Charge monthly fees, or a smaller fee per swap request.How it works: You make a request by email, text or voicemail to your online butler.It could be anything at all — perhaps, “two tickets for Die Hard 8 at my local cinema tonight”. There are automated services that help with this out there already, but an efficient, human-powered offering would stand head-and-shoulders above the rest.

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A simple live online auction site could solve all that.

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