Part deaf dating the hearing people

Every week, I swear I learn a new sign or marvel at the way a Deaf person expresses a thought so beautifully.People ask, "Well, how long have you been learning sign?(duh) Well I knew nothing about sign or Deaf people..culture, grammar...nothing. " I was going to walk past him and pretend I had been heading toward the bathroom, but at the last minute I think, "Well, what the heck." I go up to him and I ask him, "Want to dance with me? I now know that I had picked up subtle differences of the way my Deaf teacher moved - her body language, facial expression, etc.

Much faster." Well, like I said before, we're still working on the Deaf stuff.

I like the stuff he likes (except sports and wrestling - I like heavyweight boxing though) and he likes stuff I like (except old movies in black and white - he calls them "old fashioned").

Like I said, we're too busy working on the Deaf stuff....really it's not an issue between us..I don't care what anyone else thinks.

Sometimes people think I am his nurse who has escorted him from the home somewhere, making sure he's not drooling on himself in public. " Not missing a beat, I respond, "Well we haven't gotten to that yet. " The differences in our relationship, I've had to work on more. I think my husband's got it so good, he doesn't think about it. But my advice is 'tis better to have a deaf-centric one than a hearing-centric relationship. It's just that the deafness compounds this age-old argument between women and men. Another time, he locked the screen door while in the backyard.

I learned sign to be able to talk about everything and anything with my husband freely (his family doesn't sign..stare at us when we do...waiting for me to tell them what we just said to each other...sigh). Oh well, I'll just keep stamping my feet, flapping my hands, waving my arms, and flicking the lights to get his attention! I had been throwing (like a girl) plastic soda bottles from the recycle bin at him for five minutes, when he noticed the dog (who thought I was playing with her) was racing around the yard with a bottle in her mouth. I was like, "What's the matter with you, you Deaf or something?! In the mornings I can't see without my glasses or contacts. When he uses his voice and my back is turned, I have to keep pointing at my ear to let him know even though we don't have eye contact I can hear him.

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We socialize mostly with Deaf people - both our preferences. We go to picnics, workshops, deaf clubs, meetings, lectures, festivals, bowling, dinners, anniversary celebrations, plays, performances, etc. He only has to flick his eyes away and I'm cut off. A hearing man can pretend he's listening to his wife. As a last resort, I walk over and take his chin to get his attention. (He can speak, but his speech or intent is not always clear.

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