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That money would have been used in the village of Mt. Be sure your children see it when you pass through the building. We have John Deere equipment that should be painted green and yellow.

Kelly stretcher gave us the covered awning structure on the west side of the depot grounds to protect our equipment.

It is conceivable that a second quilting group could organize.

We have other spaces where we could have a second group.

And, first and foremost, we need to make sure we support our primary quilting group.

You can count on the group almost every Wednesday year round.

This will be a great tool for our children for information regarding business starts; commercial history; family activities and a wealth of small details about social history. July 21, 2009 – Further Note of Appreciation No sooner do I manage to ever start thanking anyone than I regret it because I have overlooked someone else. That the Bank would maintain grounds at the Fire Station Museum. Thanks everyone for helping with our mission: To preserve our natural and cultural heritage. We need someone – one, two or three volunteers to come forward and get the shop in working order. But it would be great to have a fire going during country fest or during special tours to have a volunteer smithy pounding on some red hot iron in front of children. I’ll go down and show you what we have and you can help serve in the community.

July 23, 2009 – Help Needed for a Blacksmith’s Shop Have you looked inside the blacksmith shop behind the depot. It really can be made to work without a lot of trouble. If someone could actually make something, all the better. And what a good reminder of the heritage of this community.

We need a steward for the depot; to keep those batteries checked out and to watch over the facility. Someone let me know you’ll undertake this, and we’ll entrust you with a key to the building. August 7, 2009 – Help for the Horse-Drawn Implements Help. We have a great collection of mule drawn farm equipment. Stalk cutters from the time when you harvested the corn and then cut the stalks for livestock feed.

We have original advertisement wrapping paper from stores which have been out of business for over a century hanging on the walls in the depot and canceled train tickets (check out the Mt. We need the drapes pulled to keep these artifacts from fading. August 6, 2009 – Items of Interest Have you checked out the actual Republic of Texas currency in the frames on the walls in the downstairs of the Fire Station Museum? Vernon – 32 pages of history – with ghost reports – edited by Jean Ann Marshall. Fresnos and slips used before modern bulldozers to dig out pools and to excavate road drainage. We have Mc Cormicks that should be painted back to their original red and yellow paint.

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If you have a study group, family group, or child or grandchild who has admired an heirloom quilt you own, then stop by the house and let your friends get a lesson in how that quilt was made.

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