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Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. On Quel SLmula Una Btii ate Urt Umi Bj Hem; Hoari Tjic Nona :— Ab Bddoa of at Aphylo Eaft tuul Cloaorg or cbo Wound by aat Hran— Bmpvsin* opmine In Uuj Loin : Pulnttng Tu- mour; q UQcult n^gnwt — " *-' imbilhal Hen O* IOHe PBB- r Un Uml BOia- -bum of Uio Bliid- looortha Teitli.. The swelling, which is at times quite aa large as on adult fiat, is tympanitic, and quite psinlese, evidently consisting of the intestines and ■tomach. Here is a remarkable instance of such a recovery after o watery discharge &om both ears. The DIraclors of tbla Society (In raturtdng thsiiks to the memben o( tlio Uedlcal Profealo D for the tott gitot aerrloo nudaredby th«in)bigto announce the Ramoinl of their Officea from 103, Cheapaide. For the demonstistlon of this new system, Tidt the Beoosd Edition, prioe la.. Oip HQ's Tna Ose or "■- "— "— ■-■ Bath, and the Betsljon of Electtli:ity to the Pben snd Dlsaue. Some of the passages of his address produced even a profound impression on Uie audi- ence. The operatko itas oh- wnialy ia no way ch arg es Me whh tha rendt. VHT'^aidtotln Ovtnll.inasn O^tiwlmla Ho Mt*» Bi BBUB, and meohanioal ^tuibanse of all kinds of the ex- cretory, or, as it is often called, Ae deriv Btive lacryiual appa- (Miu, that », Ae pnncta laerymalia, the lacrym^ canals or taaali«ali, the loc^ymal sac, and the nasal duct, have been ks B studied, and less foitimately treated than several other sargic^ affiactiwu of tbe eye.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. EDITORIAL ARTICLi S- Wsakiy Return— 8r«tom of oo Ddoctins Corooan' la- Qoeiti— Opinion or tho Board or Btaltt. B., on Admi- andar Harroy, i PROQRESS OF MEDICAL SCIENCE. On the Diseases of Women, including Uhm at PREQHANCT and CHILDBED. No enlargement of the spleen can be de- tected, and, as already said, the child seems to be in perfect health. A man (a), agrrd IS, having fallen head foremost from a height of about ten feet, was picked up senseless, with copious bleeding from both ears — more so, however, &om the left, and ecchymosis of the lids of both eyes. to the aboro mora commodlom premlaee, of which tbay h OTo taken a leaf M, with tho Tlsw of cirryitie on thoir bu Bfnees wltb greater (Mllty sad ad Tantam UEDICAL OFFICERS WANTS D. Partlea desirous of lu Testlns Honey are requested to examine the Plan of the Bank of Deposit, by which a Ugh imte of in Mnst may be obtained with ample sacurity. Speaking of medical men who had sternly done their du^ under the most trying circumstances, he drew a picture of Dr. apt or promp Ur prepared In Tlie Medicated Cod Lirer Oils, -'- In a gsnulne atate, an prepared only in SAVORY and MOOBKS l*t«ia»o»y.— Tbla otaaa ct Uadktnea now numbon upwmrda of twenty, of wtaab tlka lidlowliui are prindpally ucsolbed :— Osd-Um OU 1^ Quiniiw. It was not dalnyed beiyand Ae diird day of atranguiation ; nd Hm stxio- tore was reliered with Hie greatest enmparati Te e«we. 166 l l O«( ALTir ATJS ON THE TREATMENT OP NEOEALGIA.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. 25, 1858 LONDON: PUBLISHED BY .l OHN CHURCHILL, 11, MEW BUBLINGIOK STREET^ AND SOLD BY ALL BOOKSELLERS. This caution is vrise, and it would havq been well had it been more often exercised by recorders of the results of trials of potent drugs. — A healthy man, a«ed 41, for seveu years the subject of stric- ture. Perineal section waa performed, but he sank a month afterwards "worn out by bis previous suf- PUNCrr URE OF THE BLADDER. In recording cases of recovery after this profuse watery discharge from the ear, let us, then, for the future, bear in mind that we most carefully note the precise circumstances under which the discharge took place. Tbls mothod doca not require the e Ttractdon of nxrta, oraajpoinful operation, and trill gimmnportiuidpreeor Te Uoth uat an looas. On the Friday arming the College of Physicians provided for the intellectual delectation of their friends a lecture by Dr. On the Saturday morning die members had received invita- tions to a breakfast, given by the Edinburgh Medical Mis- aionaiy Society, live breakfast was first-rate, and several members of the Association spoke in fhvcrur of sending out Medical men as missionariee. Hobson, of Cantcm, who has vnitten several Medical book* in Cfaineae, were especially alluded to, as showing how important the services of the Medical man may be in civilising and in- structing mankind. He drew an exceedingly interesting sketch of the lives of Cullen, W. He then detailed the improvements that had taken place in midwifery since the time of Smellie. The action of the lower punctum is the more ex- tensive and the more apparent.

It must be reraemtexed also that the case wss of a week's duration on admission, that no sensible effects were produced by the administration of the medicine, and that no change for the worse resulted from its disuse. until Beptambet IS, IS6S.— Sea Ma Ok^ Tlmea of May, Ig SS. But, will a chemical analysis of the watery discharge help us out of our difficultie* ! ' — a CRQl CAL ELAtmc OTOCKINGS AKD KNe Fc*P8, per. ''H """ j-lokllog , Lii» iniui Mo Di indiiir- IJkewl M, a atn;ng low. ELASTIC NEW bean Ufiil fabria ABDOMISAL SUPPOKTINO ; those lot I^dias' uno, bofc ' ' mant, ara admirably adapted for giving adequato ninhnrt witb U^tnaas-a point llt Ua attendoil to lb tho comparatt Tsl; clui tn Tanaaa mid fabrica bltberto omployed. He gave a passing allusion to the folly of Homt Eopathy, and drew attention more parti- cnlarly to recent advances in Medical art, as dependent on the ci^tnre of the natural sciences. The old question, as to whether the sac should or should not be opei^ must be decided in every case by the condition of the parts concerned, as this becomes disclosed in the course of an operation, or by the probability that the contents are ao C in such a condititm at the time of the opeation as to pramit of their bung replaced with safety, lie idea of die dwtger sn^qtosed to he att Mhed to the act of wounding a ao- called acrous membrane ought cot for a momait to be eiitn- tained, when it is discovered fliat Ao free and anqile releaee of the imprisoned, and perhaps severely iqjnred, parte eaaaat be attained without.

Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. Wflks's core in Guy's Hospiial, and to which we referred A few vreeka ago. Already have we seen that even a very profuse watery discharge from the ear is not, under certain circtunstances, a sure sign of a fracture of the petrous bone; and may it not be just possible that in several of these cases of recovery the base may, after all, not have been broken } Indeed, Imowing, 01 we now do, for certain, that a profiise watery discharge from the ear may exist without any injury of the petrous bone, doubts must naturally arise as to the true nature of many of these reported cases of recovery from fractured base of the skull. Th« ao perfectly njwml Slnlahad from tfae orlotnal ty t ANOB COLODR or DECAT, _ FLBETfl TRHBT, haa Introdiicai an entirely NEW DESCRIP- TION of ARTIFICIAL TEETH, fixed wlthoul Spriuga. On the Thursday evening the Co Uege of Surgeons threw open its Museum and rooms for the reception of Uie members m the Assouation. Zanders, the curator, gave a lec- ture on some of the more interesting preparations in the Museum. Simpson's before this meeting, and during dinner the Pro- fessor received a tel^rsphic message stating that the Medical Keform Bill, as amended in the House of Lords, had passed the Commons, and consequentiy only waited the Koyal assent to become the law of the land. He showed that force was no more destructible than matter ; and that when matter exhibited any form of force, as heat, or electricity, or magnetism, it only lost it to become subject to some other form, as motion, attractioni or chemical affinity. The mechanism by which the puncta are brought into play is very beoatiful, and will repay eiamination. Fub Uibad by autborit; of tha Ai Kciation_or lfadii»l_Oaoai ooioal Study, by Dr.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. It will be obeerved that, although one of Oie vatmted remedies had been employed, yet those who vratched the case do not incline to give it the credit of the result. — A cachectic sailor, aged 3B, for many years the sub- ject of stricture. I do not mean to say that the base was not broken in these case* ; it may have been so in every instance, but of this we have no positive proof, for the diagnostic sign, which was thought to afford incontrovertible evidence as to the existence of a fracture, no longer posaesses the same value as it did but a year or two back. Wlraa, or L^- ' ~ " ■ le the natural tcath aa not lo be die- leclomat obser Tar; they will NEVER jnd will be found verv aiiperiot to any **«Hx v Kor umna uam. B., Bnd Pro Tealor Red- Tbi Hedicil Tikim «k Trb Bnms Ti Mdioal ^ Tb( Mbpicai. T ondon Equitable Mutual Life -'--' INSQBANCB SOCIErr, «*, Ohaneery'lane, London. This announcement was received with entbnsiaun, amid cheers, and bumpers of champagne. He exhibited some curious effects of the galvanic light on colour, and also a new electrical machine, which, although of ordinary size, produced effects three or four times as great as ordinary machines. Whatever might have been the interest taken in the previous addresses, it was certainly not greater than that in Dr. The attendance was large, and the reception given to the worthy Professor is an evidence how well his great reputation and popularity are susttdned. A little obser- vation will discover that by the action of the orbicularit pal- bebrorum, as a sphincter muscle, of which I coiuider the tensor tarsi a part, (sec my work on the Surgical Diseases of the Eye, and Operative Ophthalmic Surgery, page 163), they are kept in a certain relation with the eyeball ; and whenever the muscle acts, that is, when we wink, the puncta are called into re- markable activity, and pulled, as it were, out of the margin of the eyelid, in advance of which they traverse the suiface of the eyeball.

"We have often known the artificial eye in- troduced witiiin the week. Conung, as this fluid does, from a mucona membrane, it would, in all probability, be of the ssme nature as that, which, in the above instance, came from the mucous mmnbrane of the tympanum. muit, post fne.— A 11li«ral Diwount to ths Profaalo D. It does not appear, however, that the Council have acted in any way upon the suggestion of the general meeting. Conolly thought the belter way of proceeding was not to enact laws against the practitioners of a fo Ujr which hota its inherent untruthiulne Bs must be given up m the course of a short time; but he was in a considerable minority at the meeting. Indlgwtki B, and Kanrona and P»r«ly OB Coiiiii Miit^ *■. Ombcal tts Dicc or Jmiici Bi Mi Puit LU (will keep gwl Id any la (lined In Cntanemw Mmnf U. Salter'* Ropwla on He Dt Oltyfn Bpihtpsy Kntfreeby pwt). Ac.) i BBIBl Ta D JDIOB OF T«R*X*CT71I, Medicine Chests. "The only legitimate inference that could he drawn from such a coroparison is thai which Pctit^ himself strove to inculcate, vis. It wi U ever be safer to proceed upt Hi the operstion without any fiim J resolve, but prepared for any step diat the peculiar circonutsnoe B of the case may demand ; and, in the eroit ot the striatnre being isdeproo^tt of the ini Bediate eoveriag of the herniated Ti M«rfl, am A of there heio; no other retwrn why the integrity of that co Teiing should he inter- Ibred with, there can be little doubt, J think, but liat the patient will fere as well, and perhaps better, if the incisiont fat his relief be limited to the parts without.

If the globe be remo Ted, the conjunctiva foils together, the air is excluded, and very speedy union results. It remains, however, to be seen what are the chemical characters of the clear limpid fluid poured out sometimes from the nostrils, independentiy of an injury. Durable, po Ttii4, and llg-lit Priov nduced 30 por cei wllh Tertlmonlfll B, and Dli .__ __.. At a late period of the meeting, and after most of the members had gone to dinner, the question of Homceopathy was brought forward, and a resolution passed, directing the attention of the Council to such a revision of the laws as should protect the Association from the presence of bomceo- pathic practitioners. PER WB^ LOMDOir : EDMISTON AKD BON, THE POCKET 8IPH0N1A DEPOT. PULTBBKACHERV HBDICAL EI^CTRO-a ALVAl UC CHAINB-fcr hamniattwn. Spiral Abdominal Belt ' ~i a principle which aecurea tha rt Qldred aupport without belni Uahletodlspluemsn C, ths Huill which haa U&erto ebatuteriacd Uu M appll- s la Taluablo (whan property aaaa of ptoguancy. Indeed, the coin- parison of the two methods for the purpose of inferring then: respective advantages, and thence of establishing a rule of practice, limited to the adoption of one in particular, has been as mischievous as, after mature consideration, it must appes B to be absurd. 165 oparmtio D is reached, whftlier, for other purpoaea than the relief of the stricture, it will be newsafflfy or not to ope* that en Telope.

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