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It will continue to move forward whether we’re breathing or not.The question for those left behind is whether or not we’re going to move on with it.The void left by losing someone close to you might not be possible.The older the person the more of life’s experiences they have had, it is possible this means it will leave more of a void in your life than someone who has been on this earth for a long time.However, this doesn’t justify the rude comments or remarks or other things that are purposely done to make the new woman feel uncomfortable or she doesn’t belong or is somehow responsible for your dad dating again. It’s interested that the widower’s or late wife’s family usually takes their grief and feelings of betrayal out on the new woman instead of the widower.If anyone reading this blog is upset with that their dad (or brother, uncle, etc.) is dating again, then talk to him about it instead of taking your feelings out on the woman’s he’s with.And with this new "relationship" we are smacked in the face with the realization that what was supposed to be forever has come to an end, suddenly it seems.Deep inside of us women we wonder, 'is it that easy to move on when we go?

In order to put some meaning back in their lives they try to “fix” their life by finding another woman who can add some meaning they feel is missing.

So, to you ladies who are dating widowers with young children or adult children, especially if it has been less than a full year of seasons that would mark milestones in their mother's life, do not be surprised if you are not fully accepted into the family right away, especially by the women in your new boyfriend's life.

You must try to understand the loss that they feel (for their mother and for their parents' relationship that will never again continue as it was).

Today’s Widower Wednesday column comes from a comment that was posted on my Dating and Marriage: One Regret post.

I thought the commenter asked some good questions and raised some interesting points.

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Often meeting the widower’s family and spending time with them is just as hard for them as it is for you.

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