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Bankruptcy: This should be a last resort as it negatively affects your credit for many years.With bankruptcy, you officially declare that you cannot pay your debts.

While having one low rate and one payment is an attractive option, many people end up in similar or worse financial situations when attempting credit card debt consolidation.The first thing to determine is if your debt is secured or unsecured. For example, car loans and mortgages are secured debts.Unsecured debts are loans or lines of credit without collateral attached to them and include credit cards and medical bills.After 100 hours of researching and calling debt consolidation companies, our top choice is National Debt Relief, which is one of the most transparent companies we spoke to.It also offers top-notch customer service, and its costs and fees are well in line with industry standards.

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It can be confusing because debt consolidation is also used to refer to debt settlement programs as well.

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